Equipment Shutdown


ag旗舰厅在线下载With the unprecedented closure of theatres across the globe, are providing some direction on how to best protect your investment during this time of shutdown.


After a thorough cleaning of your machine, Cretors recommends the following steps should be taken to protect your machine so it is ready for use when your business opens back up.

Remove the clutch dog and shaft on Giants and Presidents, and the drive connector and shaft on Mach5 and Diplomat poppers. Oil these parts to protect them, then either reinstall or leave them out and reinstall when startup is done.

Stainless steel kettles will be fine as long as they are cleaned and dried completely. If you have a nickel finished kettle, after cleaning and drying this kettle we recommend applying a coat of oil to the inside of the kettle to protect the surface.

Oil Pumps:

No particular care needs to be taken in shutting down a pump, but some concerns will emerge when starting the pumps back up. If you use coconut oil, this will solidify in the lines. Please ensure you turn the 7900 BIB pumps on at least 24 hours before use to allow for the oil to melt. Additionally, if leaving the oil in the pump, you may want to check on product expiration dates before use, however we recommend cycling fresh oil through the system before use.

The second area of concern starting back up your pump is the oil lines. These lines become brittle and hard over time, especially in periods of no use. The following part number and length should be ordered and used to replace your oil tubes.

7900 Bag in Box Pump:5 Feet - #1223 - FT TUBING-3/8"ID-CLEARFLEX 70- We recommend approximately 4 1/2 feet of tubing

ag旗舰厅在线下载7700 Pail Oil Pump: 2 Feet - #1223 - FT TUBING - /38" ID-CLEARFLEX 70- We recommend approximately 1 1/4 feet of tubing


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Equipment Shutdown